Testimonials & Comments

Our school nurse asked me to come up with some ideas for handwashing grades K-5. I started to surf and found you! What a great resource. I can't wait to show her!!
Cathy Thomley
Millington, TN

As a school nurse I loved using your products with K-3rd graders. Now I am a nurse in a college health setting, where I feel handwashing is still very important in maintaining good health. Do you have any materials that would be appropriate for college students and that would grab their attention?
Nancy Reasland RN,C
Mt. Vernon, IA

I am a regular user of the "Black Light /UV system". I have always used the powdered portion, However, i just started using the liquid glo-germ. I strongly recommned it, especially when demonstrating/presenting to smaller kids. Simple and concentrated.
Etrick Blackburn
Thunder Bay, ON Canada

We are distributors for the ServSafe training program on food safety for Mexico. We use the glow germ products to demonstrate propper hand washing and cross - contamination. The results are great! Our students are pretty good impressed by the products and the impact we get in getting the key points of our training through our students is marvellous. We highly reccommend it.
Erika GarcÌa
Mexico, DF Mexico

Great products! The UV light is always a big hit. At a nurse's aides meeting, we put the spray on just a couple paper cups and bowls, it was interesting to see how many people ended up with the "bugs" on their hands. Another experiment was to test good old fashioned handwashing against a hand sanitizer. Using the spray and UV light to determine which procedure killed the most germs produced interesting results.
Lisa Willman
Bettendorf, IA

Your website has some great info-keep it up.
Judy Hatfield
New Port Richey, FL

I was amazed to see all the information for educating children about germs. I hope to purchase a bottle of the glowing goo for future health fairs.
Rose Garrett
Minot, ND

Used Glo Germ in my safety meeting to show how germs can spread from hand to hand. We had some embrassed people when we turned on the U.V. light,places you would not expect glowed !
Robert Smiley
Denham Springs, La.

Hey glo-germ, you're product is great, I'm going to do my science project with it, keep up the great work
Bobby Kline
Crown Point, IN

This is great! I will definately come back for more!
Andrea L.Brock
Decatur, Ga

We are health educators at a local health department in southern Illinois. We have been using GloGerm Powder for about 2 years demonstrating proper handwashing to school children and community groups. We usually ask for 4 to 8 volunteers to help. We apply the powder then have the volunteers shake hands with others in the group. We then have half of the volunteers wash their hands with soap and half without soap. Then we view their hands and ask the rest of the group why half of the volunteers still have germs on their hands. It is a good visual for the importance of using soap. This has been a big hit at schools in the two counties that we serve. Children and adults both enjoy this effective teaching tool.
Robin Koehl, Brian Dorris
Marion, IL

Hey Glo-guys! I'm a pharmacy student in the rural mountains of WV preparing a hand-washing campaign for local schools, businesses, and health facilities. When I heard about your product I thought my dreams had come true in finding a unique and attention getting way to demonstrate the value of proper handwashing. I look forward to trying out you product on some of the more doubtful denizens of these beautiful Appalachain mountains. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes. Any further info you might have that will assist me in this project will be appreciated. Thanks, Richard L. Moore Winding Roads Consortium WVU School of Pharmacy
Richard L. Moore
Ravenswood, WV