Steramine® Quaternary Sanitizer

Steramine® Quaternary Sanitizer



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Product Description


Steramine® Quaternary Sanitizer

Steramine® is the perfect quaternary surface sanitizing solution for use in hospitals, classrooms, or food preparation. Steramine® is also the preferred inside plumbing sanitizing agent for our Ozark River Portable Sinks.

Instant Mixing

Steramine® pre-measured liquid packets mix instantly in cold or warm water, no waiting or guessing. Unlike tablets, concentrated product, or powder residue does not touch skin.

Powerful & Effective

The WDATCP website lists Steramine® with 35 kill claims versus 2 kill claims for its nearest tablet competitor.

Conveniently Packaged

Available in Master Packs (100 qty.). We also offer you a convenient Starter Kit that includes everything you need to begin using Steramine®.

Quick Facts
  • Quaternary Sanitizing Agent
  • Manual Override
  • Available in Our Starter Kit, Master Pack and Express Pack